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Do You Remember Love? on DVD!

Do You Remember Love? has touched millions of hearts all over the world...
...likely yours, too, or you wouldn't be reading this.

Relax with both versions of

Aloha Fellow Dog Lover,

When a movie causes a groundswell of hope and love like this one has ...

(over 3 million people have seen and shared this movie since Valentine's Day, 2007)

... dog lovers want to "take the movie home."

I get email every day from dog lovers who want to share the movie with loved ones who don't own computers, or just want to watch at home on their big television screens.

"The Problem Is, I Made It for the Internet, Not for DVD!"

But after enough pressure from other dog lovers on our community ... I bit the bullet.

I hired a movie editor to digitally re-master the internet version for television so that the images are crisp and clear, the music sounds great, and the voice rich and full.

I also headed down to the beach to record a little "Behind the Scenes" movie so that all of your questions about the movie get answered.

Even though I know how much Do You Remember Love? means to folks, I still thought "I don't know, is it really worth making a DVD for this project?"

That was before I received the "proof" copy of the DVD and popped it into my DVD player and played it on my television.

"Wow! Do You Remember Love? on DVD Is  Definitely Worth It!"

I couldn't believe how much more compelling it is on the big screen.

Barbara Rosenblat's voice (she's the actress who narrates the "tail") sounds like she's in the room with you.

The pictures - 20 times larger than they are on my dinky computer screen - really put the dogs "in my living room."

The sentiment is much more powerful, too. I am not ashamed to admit it.

"When I Am Gone, Will You Remember Love?"

That's Maui's eternal question for me - every day she reminds me to remember love, and every day I need reminding.

So, in short...

"I Was Dumb to Question Your Judgment.
I Should Have Made This DVD Long Ago."

But I'm not going to beat myself up. I'm just going to tell you about the DVD.

Here's what you'll get on the DVD:

The version of Do You Remember Love? you just saw, plus another version with just beautiful music.
Answers to all of your questions about the movie, and Maui in the form of a short Behind the Scenes of Do You Remember Love? movie.
A chapter from the audiobook version of How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers, the book that Maui inspired.
The screensaver version so you can "Remember Love" every time you come back to your computer.

One of my favorite things about the DVD is how on the main menu a little heart moves around to help you select your choice. It's the cutest, coolest thing. I'm just in love with this.

The DVD works on your home DVD player and your computer. I tested it on my old television and DVD player, and it looks just as good as it looks on my brand-new high definition flat screen tv.

A lot of you have wanted to share the movie with groups - and now you can! Folks buy one --or more than one -- copy for:

Animal Shelters (what a great gift for new dog owners)

Veterinarian's offices
Senior Citizen Centers

The DVD comes in a gorgeous case, and this DVD will be treasured by any dog lover for years and years, and makes a fantastic gift.

"This DVD Is Very Heartwarming To All Pet Owners!"

Do I Remember Love?

Yes ! All my life I have had a wonderful dog in my home, and heart. I can't imagine life without these unselfish "guys and gals."

Is it any wonder that I enjoy this DVD ... and your e-mails! Thanks!"     

- Daurice Hirst

"Yes! I Would Recommend
Do You Remember Love?
on DVD
for All Dog Lovers!"

It is very touching emotionally, and makes one realize the most important things in life are not things!"

- Nancy Lund

"Absolutely Fantastic!"

"It's absolutely fantastic...anyone who has ever loved a dog should see this DVD. I cry each and every time I watch it. It really touches my heart. Thanks so much for creating it!"

- Jennie Gillihan

"A Yorkie 'Guru' Named Iona Knows Exactly When Both Book and DVD Are Needed to Calm Her Human and Bring Peace to the Household!"


It has Beautiful Scenery, Narration, and Music, plus the fun in the back scenes in the making of it, soothes, calms and brings maybe a few tears BUT Most Importantly A Smile to the most stressful Moments.

A Yorkie ‘Guru' named Iona knows exactly when both Book and DVD are needed to calm her Human and bring peace to the household!"

- Lorna Lanyon


"Yes...anyone who has a four legged family member can relate to this DVD."

- Rich Rahn

"A MUST for Any Animal Lover!"

"I would definitely recommend this DVD to others. It's a must for any animal lover and something you will want to watch over and over."

- Dolly Compton

"Beautifully Done!"

"Yes.....Beautifully Done.....Moving!!"

- Jetta McClure

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Don't Worry, It's Guaranteed

Just like a dog's smile, this DVD is guaranteed to bring you joy. If you are unhappy for any reason, just return the DVD within 30 days and I will pay you $9.95.

Could I be more fair than that?


But hurry! I don't know how long I can offer the DVD at this $9.95 price to new subscribers ... get your DVD today and remember love with your loved ones!

"What To Do Next..."

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Dog Lovers Are a Breed Apart, Aren't We?

Some people think we're crazy about our dogs and don't "get it" that they're "just a pet."

But the fact is, THEY don't get it.

Our dogs are NOT just pets. They are our family. And unlike most of our family members, they love us unconditionally.

You're reading this because you Remember Love ... because some special dog or dogs gave you the gift of unconditional, wholehearted, tongue-wagging, roll-on-your-back love.

I hope you give yourself this gift now, so that you can tap into that love whenever you like, on your own or with friends who also "get it."

Remember Love!

Warm Aloha,

James Jacobson



Once you've experienced a dog's love, nothing else compares... and with such a short life, you don't have much time to reciprocate. I know from personal experience that sharing Maui's love with others has only increased my own capacity to love. That same opportunity is now open to you. Take my hand right now and I'll lead you to the heartwarming DVD that will help every day for the rest of your life.



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